“Gambling career high”

Just earlier, Angels’ Shohei Otani has won the 13th win of the season, updating his career high.

Otani, who updates his career high, is proud as the same Japanese, while continuing to challenge a different dimension of pitchers and batters in the major league.

Looking back on his own gambling life, the carrier high earned a day is about 2.3 million yen in their early 20s.

It was a race that was determined by the most popular horse from the most popular horse to 5,000 yen each, and the dividend exceeded 400 times higher.

For more than 30 years, he has not been able to update his career high.

Meanwhile, it was over 800,000 in Boatpia Okabe, about 750,000 in Toda boat, 600,000 yen for traveling Marugame boats, and 600,000 yen for Wakamatsu boat.

Even if you have been buying betting tickets, boat tickets, and car tickets for nearly 40 years, that’s about it.

Conversely, considering the amount of money that was lost, it was 800,000 yen a day in the 30s, and in the 30s it also melted about 5 million yen in a year.

Indeed, the above -mentioned career high has not been updated, but that is because the money is not as good as at the time, and it is clogged, but there is no money.

In the unlikely event that the former chairman of the Daio Paper has melted more than 10 billion yen in a casino, I am confident that if you are in a position where you can mobilize a rich stake, you can melt 10 billion or 20 billion.

Somehow, I would like to get a band seal after a long time, even if it is not 2.3 million yen in a betting ticket in my early 20s.

No, I want to earn a half -zone (500,000 yen) or a quarter zone (250,000 yen).

When Ikeike was young, I was only strangely confident, saying, “Obi (over 1 million yen)!”

Now that dozens of bands have been melted, only the losing habit of “melting the obi is easy, but the obi is a dream is a dream.”

Oh yeah, I left a sports newspaper who has been working for nearly 30 years, and has been a wandering gambler for three years.

The career high is updated only for the number of travels.

This year alone has been traveling 13 times, and the total number of travels 코인카지노 is over 50 days.

Do you go well? In 2022, where the loss was accumulated.

Somehow, I would like to update the career high of the revitalization of the revitalization in the profit and bring it to the gambling plus balance for the second consecutive year …

Well, is it tough?

As Ann Jaehon came out … full of the charm of the four young people with a variety of young people, the excellent work of the near -future dark human hunting action, which is set in a devastated city … “Hunting Riri Time”.

Chang Ho and Kifun head to prison in the city where won has lost its value in the currency crisis that asks the IMF to help. Chun Suk is released after three years of prison, carrying their crime of theft alone. Chun -seok promises to give his prison associated work at Kentin, the southern tip of Taiwan, for $ 200,000, but he’s worth the stolen won. I am discouraged by knowing that it has become. The three try to increase the slight dollar remaining in the back casino, but at that time Chunsok comes up with a casino robber. The four people start to plan their plans to their friends who work in the casino.

In Chunsok, he performed famous for Johung, Chang -ho in the five -star “Highland Battle” and “Architecture Overview”, the famous Hong Sans’s work, Ann Jaehon, Kifun, and “The Witch” and “Parasite”. In the refreshing second Choi Choi Usiku, Jeongsik, who works in the back casino, in the best Park Jung -min, such as “My world” and “Letters, tracks and small miracles”, in “Ika Game” in “Ika Game”. Park Hess suddenly appears to be an outbreak. In the special appearance, Kim Wone is familiar to the two role 모바일카지노 of the dark weapon business Ponsik and his twin brother Pons, and the sober Cho Songha and Chunsok’s older brother Pinde (Nanjing Insect).

It’s persistent, but I don’t know the movie until I watch it. I thought it was a human hunting action in a cheap location from the title, but first of all, I was surprised at the stolen urban modeling that was well created at the beginning. And you can fully enjoy the casino robbery in the early stages, the escape from the subsequent peninsula, and the eerie of the expressionless pursuit, like the first terminator chasing it. However, the best pleasure will be the co -starring of four young actors who are now in good shape. All four are famous actors with a unique presence, and are overwhelmingly attractive. Their confusing friendship and the way of playing family love will make you feel the depth that other actors will not come out, and it is worth watching this movie. In addition, the four people who gradually leave, or do not dare to draw tragedies that must have happened, or the masterpiece of “BLEAK NIGHT”, who draws a youth tragedy, is the best in drawing a thriller. You will be able to demonstrate your competence.

As a thriller, there is no choice but to have some deductions, so the charm as a youth group drama is overwhelming, and it can be said that it is a work that can fully enjoy seasonal young actors. I think it’s enough ants to try it without despairing the title (although it is the original title).