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Brad Pitt came to Japan for the first time in about three years to promote the leading work “Bret Train” (released on September 1). Currently, 58 -year -old Brapi’s participation in prayers paying for the “pre -evils” and the fact that they enjoyed and enjoyed Japanese culture, such as Japan Premier in Kyoto, are attracting attention by movie fans, mainly on SNS. [Photo gallery] Other than the works introduced, masterpieces! In commemoration of the release of this work, the poster movie.com, which appears in Brapi, introduces [10 works recommended by the editorial department] among Brapi’s appearance. Rediscover the charm of Brapi who has appeared in various genres of works, from young masterpieces and the latest masterpieces. ■ “River Lands Throo It” (1992 /124 minutes / directed by Robert Redford) Drama. The original is “McLean no River” by writer Norman McLean. With the spectacular nature of Montana in the early 20th century, it depicts the bonds of families and their own conflicts through fly fishing. He won the shooting award at the 65th Academy Award. [Synopsis] A serious brother Norman (Craig Shafer) and a free -spirited younger brother Paul (Blood Pitt) raised in a strict pastor’s family. He had a opposite personality, but the two were connected in the fly fishing learned from his father (Tom Skellit). Eventually, Norman leaves his hometown when he goes to college, and his brothers begin on their own path. [Recommended Point] This work spells out the memories of the family as a reminiscence of the older hero, and the Brapi’s younger brother Paul is depicted like the sun. For a serious brother, a bohemian younger brother is sometimes dazzling and beautiful as jealousy and envy. At the end of the story, the smile of Paul, which is shown when catching a big fish in fly fishing, is full of shine enough to stop time. ■ “Interview with Vampire” (1994 /124 minutes / directed by Neil Jordan) It depicts the strange fate of a young man who has been fascinated by the vampire and has become immortal. At the time of the announcement, the original author Rice and his enthusiastic lovers expressed dissatisfaction with Tom Cruise, the leading role, but Rice withdraws his remarks after seeing the completed movie. In turn, he announced a comment that praised Tom. It has become a hot topic that River Phoenix, the role of Marui, died suddenly before shooting, and Christian Slater was a substitute. [Synopsis] Modern San Francisco. Journalist Marui (Christian Slater) begins an interview with beautiful youth Louis (Blood Pitt). The half -life he spoke was surprising. New Orleans at the end of the 18th century. A beautiful vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise) approaches Louis, who has lost his wife in birth and despaired. Lestat rushes his tusks to make Louis a mate who will have eternal life. However, Louis, who became a vampire, suffered because he could not stand the life of others. Lestat tailor Louis to the dying girl Clodia (Kirsten Danst) into a family. [Recommended Point] At the beginning, the light is on the dark room, and when Louis -Brapi’s face is exposed, he breathe in its beauty. On the white skin that seems to be transparent, light green eyes … And an aesthetic world that spins fantastic. It is a masterpiece full of highlights, including the mysterious charm of Tom, the role of Restato, the masterpiece of the original author, the Kilsten Danst, who played the role of Claudia, and gorgeous costumes and sets. ■ “Seven Iyers In Tibet” (1997 /136 minutes / Jean -Jack Annow) A human drama depicting the interaction of the soul. The book based on the real experience of the world -class climber Heinrich Harrahl in Austria has been filmed with Jean -Jack Anneau’s megaphone of “Mela / Raman” and “Wings of Love and Courage”. Jetsun Pema, a 5 -year -old sister of Dalai Lama, is also appearing. [Synopsis] Harran (Brad Pitt), aiming for Himalayas, is involved in the outbreak of World War II and becomes a British prisoner. Harra, who has been divorced by his wife and has lived a self -centered way of life, has a great sadness and setback for the first time, but eventually escapes the cock and interacts with the Dalai Lama when he escapes 크레이지슬롯 the camp. [Recommended Points] It is impressive that Harran, who was selfish, experienced the selfless state for the first time and achieved a change of mind. It is a work that not only enjoys Brapi’s technique that expresses the change dexterously, but also has the Dalai Lama’s quotes. ■ “Joe Black” (1998 /181 minutes / directed by Martin Brest) Director Martin Brest in “St. of Woman’s Dream Scent” takes a megaphone and draws the sad love of the Reaper and daughter in beautiful images. [Synopsis] Under the millionaire Palish (Anthony Hopkins), a customer named Joe Black (Blood Pit) comes. He was the Reaper who came to Parish. Palish will take on the human world guidance in return for extending his life. Surden, who came home, Susan (Claire For Lani), was surprised to see Joe’s appearance and look exactly like a young man in the city. In fact, Joe borrowed the body of the youth who died in an accident to get into the human world. Eventually, Susan and Reaper will be attracted. [Recommended Points] A romantic love story of a straight ball that is unusual in the appearance of more than 60 Brapi. You can enjoy his beauty and cute charm without any extra time. The curious grim reaper who is curious about the human world is so cute, and the scene where the peanut butter, which is first tasted, shines his eyes is so hard to rewind. It is a feature film that is over 3 hours, but the time passes quickly as you are enchanted and drunk. ■ “Fight Club” (1999 /139 minutes / Director David Fincher) Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Letto, etc. are co -starring. [Synopsis] Jack (Edward Norton), who has a problem in his heart, knows a man named Tyler (Blood Pitt). When Tyler and Jack began to beat each other, there were many spectators. Later, Tyler decided to partition the secret meeting of fight club fighting in the basement of the bar. Many men come to gather in search of thrills, but the club will eventually transform into a terrible terrorist group. [Recommended Points] The pit that played the Tyler was trained to make a role before shooting, and created an ideal “fighting body”. It is a work that is more than 20 years old, such as the climax of the shock and the bold production, but it is a work that does not fade even now, and you can get drunk with the dangerous scent of Brapi who played the torlor. ■ “Oceans 11” (2001 /117 minutes / Director Stephen Soderberg) [Outline of the work] Director Steven Soderberg of “Traffic” drew a gorgeous cast with George Clooney, Brad Pit, and Julia Roberts. Climb entertainment. Remake the 1960 movie “Ocean and 11 friends” starring Frank Sinatra, depicting the largest cash robbery plan in history by 11 criminal professionals. In 2004, “Oceans 12” and “Oceans 13” were produced in 2007. [Synopsis] Danny Ocean (George Clooney), a great scammer who has been served for four years, plans an unprecedented criminal plan. It was to steal $ 160 million from the huge underground safe, where the three major casinos in Las Vegas gather. First, he draws his old friend Rusty (Brad Pitt) into his friends, and scouts professionals in each field, such as pickpockets, explosives, and acoustic artists. [Recommended Points] Brapi plays a stylish and sharp head. It is an “man who can be used as an ocean right arm”, and it is also helpful to use small items such as suits and sunglasses. I usually eat something, but Brapi is still cool. ■ “Benjamin Baton Bizarre Life” (2008 /167 minutes / Director David Fincher) A work with a tag. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short novel was made into a movie. He draws the strange life of Benjamin Baton, born in his 80s, through a number of encounters and parting. At the 81st Academy Awards, he was nominated for 13 categories and won the art, visual effects, and makeup awards. [Synopsis] Benjamin baton (Blood Pitt) was born in an old and wrinkled form. He gradually rejuvenates as he grows. Benjamin gets along with a girl named Daisy, but even in the same age, Benjamin, an old man, was difficult to play with her. Time has passed, and Benjamin goes on a cruise. After returning to his hometown after various experiences, he reunites with Daisy (Kate Blanchett), who has grown into an adult woman. [Recommended points] This work depicts the life of the hero using special makeup, CG and VFX technology. Brapi played a delicate Benjamin, whose appearance was going backwards, and was highly evaluated for being nominated for the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Award. Despite being fateful, Benjamin and Daisy were able to spend a few of their lives. The happiness of that quick is burned into my heart. ■ “World War Z” (2012 /116 minutes / directed by Mark Foraster) Panic masterpiece made into a movie. Pit is also produced, and David Ellison and Dana Goldberg are leading the production. The script is Damon Linderov (“Prometheus”, the TV series “LOST”) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (“Great Conspiracy”). [Synopsis] The mysterious virus that occurs quickly spreads to the world in an instant, and governments and troops in each country fall into the collapse. Jerry (Brad Pitt), a former investigator who has been an investigator of infectious diseases and a mediation in a conflict country, has been called by the UN Secretary -General of the UN Secretary of the Form, and to gather information on vaccine development. You will be asked to accompany the survey team over. Jerry accepts his wife and his daughter, and travels to the confused world to elucidate the mystery of the virus. [Recommended points] This is a so -called “zombie movie” genre. Brapi in this work is not a superhero with special abilities, but falls in love with the coolness as a “father” who desperately protects his family. The scenes where thousands of zombies are piled up like pyramids are a masterpiece. It is also recommended as a scary movie that can be cooled in the heat. ■ “The Lost City” (2022 /112 minutes / Adam Nee & Aaron Nee) [Overview] Sandra Block has been starring and produced, and luxurious casts such as Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe gathered. Action adventure. Directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee Brothers. [Synopsis] Love novelist Loretta (Sandra Block) is forcibly rushed to a new romantic adventure novel. A mysterious millionaire Fair Fax (Daniel Rad Cliff) appears in front of Loretta, who is a sexy model that plays the hero of the work, Alan (Channing Tatum), who is reluctant to stand. Fairfax reads Loretta’s novel and is convinced that she knows the location of the legendary ancient city, and leaves her to the southern island. Alain, who heads to the island to save Loretta, finds her and aims to escape together, but is striking unexpectedly in the harsh environment of nature. [Recommended Points] Brapi played a man who came to help the kidnapped Loretta. Loretta’s eyes are in a heart when she is wild, strong and reliable. It is said that this work participated as a “return” of the old -fashioned block as a “Bret Train” appearing in the cameo. It is too cool and plays an interesting role vigorously. ■ “Brett Train” (2022 /126 minutes / David Reach / R15+) [Overview of the work] The second work “Maria Beatle” of the “Killer Series” by writer Kotaro Izaka, “Deadpool 2” A climb action that David Reach turned into a Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. Aaron Taylor -Johnson of the “Kick Ass” series and Hiroyuki Sanada of “Last Samurai” are co -starring. [Synopsis] The world’s worst killer Ledig (Blood Pitt), which is always involved in the incident. The new mission he had contracted was a simple job to steal a briefcase on a super high -speed train from Tokyo and get off at the next station. Despite the successful stealing, nine killers who have never met have been killed one after another in the train, completely lost the timing of getting off. The train will accelerate to Kyoto, the world’s largest criminal boss, White Death, as the world’s largest criminal boss, White Death. [Recommended points] Just because Japan has made a movie of a novel on the stage, it will be exciting, but it is a bad role anyway, so you can worship the “troubled face” of the pit. Characters with too strong personality, depictions of Japanese culture that are worried, and cruel depictions unique to R15+are also expected.

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